Forward Carers Delivers the Carer Friendly ID Card to Unpaid Carers in Dorset    

Forward Carers is thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a contract with Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council (BCP Council) and Dorset Council to deliver the Carer Friendly photo ID card to unpaid Carers living in Dorset for the next five years.

Newly registered unpaid adult Carers with BCP Council and Dorset Council Carer support, will receive a free photo ID card. The Carer Friendly Carers Card verifes their caring role, displays their own emergency contact details and provides access to over 400 national and local discounts. Carers living across the Dorset conurbations can continue to use their existing card until it expires, after which, a replacement Forward Carers Carer Friendly ID Card will be issued.

As part of this partnership, Carers in Dorset will be able to access a new dedicated website (scheduled to go live in January 2023) where Carers can search discounts and offers available in particular geographical areas of the county.

Simon Fenton, CEO of Forward Carers said:
“We are delighted to roll out the Carer Friendly Carer ID Card to Carers in Dorset. Carers make a significant difference to society. Our Carers Card tangibly recognises their caring status and acknowledges their contribution by offering savings. It will make accessing services to improve Carers’ physical and emotional wellbeing more affordable too.”

Carers outside of Dorset who hold a Carer Friendly photo ID card will also reap the benefits from this new contract. They too will be able to access additional online benefits and local offers should they visit the West Country. More information regarding this will be issued in the New Year.

Local authorities in Dorset are aspiring to make their county Carer Friendly and encouraging more local businesses and services to get on board. This aligns with Forward Carers mission to create Carer Friendly Communities, where everyone can play a part in improving Carer wellbeing.

Council’s can contact to start a conversation about offering a similar scheme to unpaid Carers in their vicinity. Likewise, employers can assist their staff who juggle work and caring responsibilities at home by offering a range of support. Find out more about our Carer Friendly Communities Workplace programme here.