Carer Friendly Training

Thank you for your interest in becoming Carer Friendly. You’re in great company, we are working with organisations and services across England to help them understand how to support their customers, clients, staff and volunteers who are also in an unpaid caring role supporting a friend or family member who relies on them.

Carer Friendly
Organisation Training

This 30 minute training presentation will help you improve your understanding of Carers and enable you to support the unpaid Carers who are your customers, clients and local community members.
Email for the next available dates and to register.

Corporate Carer
Aware Training

Are you an employer who wants to improve your understanding of the needs of your staff who balance work with an unpaid caring role?

The Carer Aware training will raise awareness of working Carers and help you to understand the culture and practices needed to retain your staff.

Carer Friendly
Champion Training

We recommend all organisations have a trained Carer Friendly Workplace Champion to support colleagues who are balancing work and an unpaid caring role. Find out more and book here.

Carer Friendly Employer
Commitment Mark

Become a certified Carer Friendly Employer with the Carer Friendly Employer Commitment Mark, a set of five Carer Friendly standards suitable for any organisation in any sector to implement.

Our straight-forward toolkits and guidance helps you to understand your workforce and supports you to put into place achievable Carer Friendly practices that make a real difference to your staff and your business.