Come and Meet us During Carers Week

Carers Week is an annual campaign that raises awareness and recognition for the vital role of unpaid carers across the United Kingdom. This year Carers Week is running from Monday 5th – Sunday 11th June and aims to highlight the challenges faced by carers and promote support services available to them. 

The Carer Friendly ID Card and Discount Scheme is an initiative designed to provide recognition and support to unpaid carers and does so by offering the following; 

1. Identification: The Carer Friendly ID Card serves as official identification for carers. It helps carers assert their status and access the support they need. Carrying this card can make it easier to prove their caring responsibilities, especially when interacting with various service providers. 

2. Recognition: The ID card and discount scheme provide recognition for the valuable work carers do. It acknowledges their contributions and helps raise awareness about the challenges they face on a daily basis. This recognition can contribute to reducing the stigma and isolation often experienced by carers. 

3. Access to discounts: The discount scheme associated with the ID card provides carers with exclusive discounts and offers from participating businesses and organizations. These discounts can be in various areas, such as retail, leisure activities, travel, or health and well-being services. By offering these discounts, local businesses and service providers demonstrate their support and appreciation for carers. 

4. Affordability: Caring for someone can place financial strain on carers, as they often have additional expenses related to their caring responsibilities. The discount scheme can help alleviate some of this burden by providing cost savings on everyday purchases or leisure activities. This can make a significant difference in improving carers’ quality of life. 

5. Networking and support: The Carer Friendly ID Card may also provide opportunities for carers to connect with each other, facilitating the creation of support networks. It can be a platform for sharing experiences, information, and advice. Connecting with fellow carers can help combat isolation and provide emotional support, fostering a sense of belonging and understanding. 

It’s important to note that specific benefits and participating businesses in the Carer Friendly ID Card and Discount Scheme may vary depending on the region. For detailed information about the scheme’s availability, benefits, and participating organisations in Dorset, please visit

Come and meet the Carer Friendly ID Card team during the week where will be attending the following events; 

DateTimeLocationFurther Information
Wednesday 7 June11:00 – 15:00Dorset Museum Victorian Hall 
Thursday 8 June10:00 – 14:00The Vitality Stadium 
Friday 9 June12:00 – 15:00The Labour Club in Hamworthy

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