19 million people in the UK have provided unpaid care – but haven’t identified as a carer

An incredible 19 million people in the UK have provided unpaid care – but haven’t identified as a carer

A recent report Carers UK – ‘I Care,: Carers Week Report on Unpaid Carer Identification‘ has shown that most Carers simply see themselves as a parent, partner or friend.

  • 29% of people who did identify or call themselves a carer took up to 1 year to do so, with another 29% taking over a year. This suggests it may take people some time to understand what support they may be entitled to
  • The most common way in which people realised they were a carer was through the help of a family member or friend (29%). 22% said that a healthcare professional identified them as a carer. 11% said that a carer organisation or charity identified them as a carer.

Recognising yourself as a Carer (even if you don’t like this label) is the first step to seeking support. Do you carry out any of the following activities for someone who relies on you because of illness, frailty, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction:

  • Pick up food/ shopping/ medication for someone
  • Make regular check-in calls
  • Support someone with physical or practical needs
  • Help with their housework or chores
  • Take someone to / or make appointments
  • Support someone with their bills or correspondence
  • Keep someone company or watch over them
  • Provide emotional support.

If you do any of the above, it’s important to find your local Carer Support Service so that you can access all of the necessary support. If you live in Bournemouth, Christchurch or Poole, register with CRISP here or call 01202 128787. If you are caring for someone living in Dorset Council area, register with Carer Support Dorset here or call 0800 368 8349.

Carer Identification
Dorset Council and BCP Council want to make life better for unpaid Carers and have funded the Carer Friendly ID card, so that carers can receive a FREE card to support them in their caring role. Our verified Carer Friendly ID Card, visibly shows that you are a carer when you are out and about so that confidential paperwork does not need to be carried around with you. It also saves having to explain that you are a carer and potentially making the person that you care for feel uncomfortable.

In Case of an Emergency
Our card is printed with your ICE (in case of emergency details) on the back so in the event of something preventing you from carrying out your caring role, the person who steps in will know exactly what to do. That’s peace of mind for you and the person you care for. 

Access to Discounts
Your card can also be used to gain access to benefits or discounts both online and in person. You can use your card to save money on days out, eating out, pampering sessions, shopping, home improvements hobbies and activities, plus lots more. Further information is available here.

How do I get a Carer Friendly ID Card?
The official Carer Friendly ID Card is provided by Forward Carers and is available for FREE to unpaid Carers who newly register with either CRISP (BCP Council residents) or Carer Support Dorset, (for Dorset Council residents). The card is also available for existing registered Carers who need to renew an expired card. Your old card (if in date) is still valid and can still be used.